Construction Business Coaching

Want a Clear Path to Systematizing Your Contracting Business, So You Can Scale Profitably and Consistently?

Derek Isaac Construction Business Coach for the Rapid Result Creators

The RRC Coaching Program Is For You If:

You are done with spending massive effort in your contracting business and not seeing the results you want.

You’re building your business for the long term. (getting 1% better each day)

You know 1-1 mentorship is what you need and no course or group coaching will compare.

You want to work with a construction coach who has a holistic approach to expanding your business with HIGH END results.

Are You Tired Of?

Trying to do it all & being constantly overwhelmed with demands on your time?

Not knowing exactly what to do every day to scale your business.

Having some good months and some really bad months?

Trying to serve and help more people, but just can’t market effectively.

Imagine If…

Every week you had consistent leads in your sales pipeline. You knew what to do daily that led to your exact goals. You could develop the next level leader in you to grow a wealthy construction business. We created a systematized scalable business together that would enable more time for family and actual vacations.


What You’ll Learn When You Join RRC


What’s Included in the RRC Construction
Coaching Program?

  • 1-1 Mentoring including bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Every two weeks we jump on a coaching call to identify and prioritize challenges and opportunities in your business. Your coach provides insight, advice and resources while discussing how to progress toward YOUR big goals. At the end of each call we set an action plan with objectives of what to get done and how we will work together to implement the RRC business systems into your company.
  • Done For You Implementation Services (top tier program)
  • Get an expert integrator on your side, who’s working ON your business. Skyrocket your success by setting your solid systems foundation quicker and with less effort. We utilize our extensive knowledge and resources to set up your systems and processes for you.
  • Access to our video vault with 100+ training videos that have helped over 1000 entrepreneurs build their businesses.
  • The RRC construction coaching program comes with a complete set of online training courses for each of the major functions of your business. Each course provides Results Based information with action steps, enabling you to expand your knowledge and company faster while avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Exclusive Digital Assets (templates, checklist, SOPs, worksheets & more)
  • We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you with our vault of “pure gold” digital assets. Get tried and tested documentation throughout your organization with checklists, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), worksheets, templates and more. Why spend years trying to reinvent the wheel and figure this all out by yourself?
  • Access to the RRC community, support network and partners.
  • Join a continually growing network of contractors, business services providers and  partners all with a growth and collaboration mindset. “Your net worth is equal to your network”, get connected today.
Construction Business Consultant Speaker Presentation by Derek Isaac
Construction Systems Coach Derek Isaac with the Rapid Result Creators

But What If …

I don’t know if I can afford this level of coaching program?

Our average client easily makes back their investment in just 90 days working with us. Plus if needed we have flexible payment plans to fit your needs.

I don’t know if I have the time?

No problem. If you have at least 5 hours a week to work on your business we help you implement the construction business systems to free up STILL more time!

Are You Ready To …

Grow your business JUST like other RRC clients?

Leave financial stress in the past?

Start serving like you know you are called to do?

Make the change you have felt you need to make?