Business ASSET Builder™ Coaching Program

Build an Exceptionally Successful Construction Business

Your construction company needs amazing systems to thrive. It’s the truth behind every successful business owner. That’s why we built a coaching program with a straightforward 5 Step process to implement our results based systems quickly in your construction business.

Looking back our clients continue to be amazed at how they have a completely remodeled business and life. Being proud of gaining sustainable profits and finally having breathing room in their day.

RRC Construction Coaching Program 5 Step Process



First things first, we develop a full understanding of where you and your business is at right now. How it runs, your team, your challenges, your opportunities, your knowledge and your goals. This is the first step to providing you with insightful results driven guidance in the RRC program.



Next we specify and clarify exactly what you want. Determining the future business structure and specific steps to get you there. Our unique tools and questions pinpoint where to focus, to get the best results of more time, money and purpose. This is an eye opening experience of how your business can be, and the impact it will have on your life.



Now the super fun stuff! The bulk of the program is devoted to helping you implement our ready made processes, systems, templates and checklists for a smooth running contracting business. We build out your business one function at a time developing a complete foundation of systems. Each one minimizing your headaches, overwhelm, disorganization and financial worries.



With your rock solid foundation set, it’s time to expand so you can step out of the day to day contractor grind. Team building becomes your priority as you go from “how do I do this?” to “who can do this?”. Become a leader of leaders throughout your organization.



It’s tough to give up what you know and move into new roles. Many contractors get stuck in a catch 22 unable to make the jumps from being on the tools to a business developer to a savvy business director and finally to a fully successful entrepreneur. You get on demand support and accountability to ensure you don’t get trapped in the cycle, just spinning your wheels.

Want a Look Under the Hood?

There’s a lot of powerful tools we utilize to provide clients with an unmatched level of care and results. If you would like more specific detail on what and how the RRC program works, book a call now.