Construction Business Templates & Worksheets

Contractor Profit Maximizer Blueprint

In this blueprint, we’ll share simple and practical ways for construction contractors to increase their profits. Each step of this plan has the potential to boost your profits by 2-5% within a month. With consistent commitment and effort in working on your business, this could lead to a total profit increase of 20%-50%.

Contractor Profit Maximizer Blueprint
Construction Estimating Templates Worksheet

Estimate Walkthrough Info Sheet

The easy and sellable way to do estimate walkthroughs that can improve your quoting accuracy and number of jobs closed literally tomorrow without any special software, extra time or weird client conversations. and how you can implement it in less than 15 minutes…

Easy Leads Action List

How to get an extra 2-5 clients for your construction company, per month for free.

Download and use this action list to supercharge your lead generation and get consistent leads flowing into your sales pipeline.

Construction Business Marketing Sales Template Worksheet
Construction Contractor Sales Closing Clients

Sales Objection Eraser Template

The easy and effective way to handle Construction sales objections that can improve your number of projects Sold and Happy Clients literally tomorrow without any special tricks, manipulations or odd client conversations.

Business Systems Appraisal Form

Use this form to pinpoint exactly which systems you need, to finally enjoy the entrepreneur freedom. Specifically designed to help our clients determine where to focus their efforts for maximum results. This is a game changer to cut through all the confusion and systematically progress to a smooth running contracting business.

Construction Business Systems Template Worksheet